An evening walk in Zagreb

Recently I was really surprised by the full of life, crowded and joyful capital city of Croatia.

I was on a business trip, so that not too much time for a visit, but actually I would like to share with you my evening walk around the town center, discovering the main landmarks of this great and welcoming city. … More An evening walk in Zagreb

Canada Rocks!

In this article we would like to give you an idea for a trip to the Canadian Rockies, basically a fly and drive from Calgary, Alberta, to Vancouver, British Columbia.

We had this trip end of spring 2015, it lasted 2 weeks, and trust us, is a must for nature lovers and North America addicted. Driving through lakes, mountains, forests, National Parks, animals and also cities like Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, is an incredible view, corner after corner, turn after turn. … More Canada Rocks!

Middle East Sands

Walking barefoot on a dune while the sun is setting down, have an exciting dune bashing session through the highest dunes, or simply sit down on the warm sand and listen to the silence. This is his majesty the Desert, one of the greatest landscapes you can see, breath, admire in different parts of the world. In this article, we will give you ideas and tips about three main “desert discovering” destinations in the Middle East: Jordan, Emirates and Oman. … More Middle East Sands

High Altitude Dining

We are really high-altitude addicted fellows. So that our first post is inspired by this addiction.
Sitting down, enjoying a glass of wine before a great dinner is a common well-being target, by the way what if you can add a breathtaking view from the top of a sky scraper or a mountain? That’s pure magic. … More High Altitude Dining