Unexpected WOW!

After travelling a lot all around the world, it becomes more and more difficult to be really surprised by something, a monument, a landscape or else. But still, in some trips, can occur the unexpected, especially from locations or destinations where your expectations are not that high as for others in the same itinerary. So that we would like to list some of these unexpected “WOW!” that suddenly changed our feelings, our emotions and built an unforgettable moment in our lives.

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

On the way from Joburg to the Kruger National Park there is this Canyon. Stop there and take the walk up to the top. This is a true WOW while looking into the valley, admiring this green canyon that reminds you Pandora of Avatar. Amazing.

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Peyto Lake, Alberta

While driving on the Icefield Parkway looking for the world famous Peyto Lake you’ll see only a sign on the left (driving north). You park the car, and then you need to walk a bit through the pine trees, roots, along a little path that also in May is still snowy… but all of it is extremely worth, because when you arrive at the observation point… Here it is… The bluer Lake in the world! Enjoy it!

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Rynek Główny, Krakow, Poland

The first time I was in Krakow it was for business. Honestly it was such a short stop that I hadn’t the time to prepare myself enough. Just printed out the city center map, with no expectations, take the taxi and got to the Castle. From there I started my walk through the Grodzka street full of little bars and nice places. After few minute here you are, the Rynek Główny, for tourists the Market Square, one of the larges medieval squares in all Europe. What a sight! In one square you can find the Textile Palace and Museum, the St. Wojciech Church, the St. Mary Basilica, the Town Hall Tower, and all around it plenty of restaurants and bars. Take it in late spring, amazing.

Taku Glacier, Alaska

From Juneau, he Alaska capital city, you need to take the seaplane to arrive there. You start overflying the sea and the forests, then glaciers start to pass below your sight. Landing with the seaplane is always a great experience we have to say. You land, have a short walk on the shore and boom… On the right side, your breath goes away looking at the Taku Glacier in front of you. Take your time, relax on a bench and breath the iced air (and we were there in August). After that enjoy the Salmon lunch at the Taku Glacier Lodge, with the black bears all around you, and the ice of your drinks coming directly from the glacier. What a day! WOW!

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

When you get to the parking and then the main building you still don’t see the lagoon itself. You need to go to the change room, and exit on the other side. That’s a WOW! Especially in winter when the contrast between the turquoise of the water stands out the black of the rocks and the white of the snow. What an experience fellows! A must in Iceland.

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Petra, Jordan

If you’ve never been to Jordan, plan a trip there. Great country, and most of all, home of one of the most magnificent places on Earth. Petra. From the Visitor Center you can’t imagine what are you close to. First you enter the Siq, then you’ll proceed on this path drawn into a canyon. The walk will seem endless to you, when suddenly from a stretch between the rocky walls, a light dazzles you. You can’t immediately focus on what’s coming up from that light, but in a glance here you are… The Treasury just in front of you… Well, I have to say that I hadn’t so many breathtaking moments in my travelling life like this one. You stand there, speechless, looking at this magic place. This is definitely the place to be once in a lifetime (at least).

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The sunset at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

Everybody knows the Griffith Observatory, but last time we were there we experienced the sunset with a perfect blue sky, overlooking the skyline of downtown on one side and the Hollywood sign on the other. Shadows of pink and orange all around, giving the landscape that great color mix. You feel good, you feel relaxed… And then let’s go to the Hard Rock Cafè for a great Hamburger!

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Shuttle Landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida

I know, this is something that cannot be seen always, and more than that, it won’t be possible again in the next future. In 2001 I was visiting the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, I was in the queue for ticket entrance, reading the


display behind the operators with all Shuttle Missions take-offs and landings. It was August the 22nd, I perfectly remember, and reading the display I read that date! It was an emotion only reading the date, I can’t explain to you the breathtaking moment while looking skyward a silver arrow appears and disappear so rapidly, accompanied by 2 big bangs while the shuttle was crossing the Atmosphere. At the end was the landing of the STS-105 Mission, and the Shuttle was the Discovery.

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