An evening walk in Zagreb

Recently I was really surprised by the full of life, crowded and joyful capital city of Croatia. 

I was on a business trip, so that not too much time for a visit, but actually I would like to share with you my evening walk around the town center, discovering the main landmarks of this great and welcoming city.

The walk starts at the Central Train Station: leaving it backward you’ll see the Art Pavillion surrounded by a nice park with a lot of people sitting all around, reading a book or just talking.

Walking north keeping the park on your right, it takes few minutes to reach the main square: Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića.

After enjoying this wide and really crowded square, you can go toward the north-east corner of it, starting a light uphill that brings you right in front of the beautiful Cathedral of Zagreb:

Here you need to stop and take some pictures. Especially close to the sunset the light is perfect because hits the front of the building giving you the chance to immortalise every single edge of the gothic church.

From the Cathedral square I tried some narrow roads, discovering great views, trying to go west to the famous Tkalčićeva Ulica. Honestly I was so surprised by this street! It was a standard Tuesday evening (no holidays or special events) but this road, full, full, and full of little pubs, restaurants, bars, was so crowded that it seemed to be a summer Saturday night. Walking up and down this street is amazing… Students, tourists, locals all together enjoying a glass of wine, Croatian wine obviously. Over there there are good wines, especially coming from Istria and Dalmatia, both red and white. I’m Italian and I have to say that there are a lot of similitudes in the way of enjoying an “aperitivo” with local ham and cheese (prosciut and sir) and a glass of wine. I took a look and I definitely decided that I would have dinner there. But it was still early, so that I moved west a bit to find the colourful St. Mark’s Church:

Walking south you pass on your left the Museum of Broken Relationships. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to visit it, but everybody says that it’s worth… Maybe next time, but if you’re there get it; then you arrive to a nice observation point over the city:

From there you have to go down some stairs towards east and you reach again the main square.

Now you can take the bottom left corner, starting a walk into the Ilica, the main shopping street in Zagreb. I wasn’t that interested in shopping so that I moved left into the Gunduličeva Ulica in order to reach the Croatian National Theatre.

Well… Now I was getting hungry… So that I decided to start going back towards the Tkalčićeva. I took the Masarykova, then the Preradovičeva north, passing through a really wonderful sights, like Cvjetni square,l.

What a great time guys. At the end I reached back the Tkalčićeva and, based on Tripadvisor, I thought to have dinner at the Agava Bistro. I had really a great time, eating out in the street, starting with “prosciut and sir” and a glass of red Dalmatian wine:

A perfect Croatian dinner, in a perfect place, with the perfect weather in a perfect Tuesday evening. What  a surprising dining out.

Ending my dinner, I had a last walk up back to the Cathedral where you can always find a Taxi if you have, like me, the hotel a bit out of the town center.

At the end I walked for 7 km! Not that bad for a pre-dining walk, isn’t it?! On the way back to the hotel, the Double Tree by Hilton where I had a great service, amazing staff and wonderful, clean and modern building, I was thinking that Zagreb wrote a magical memory in my mind, much more than expected before departing. 

Hvala Zagreb! Hvala Hrtvaska! 

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