High Altitude Dining

We are really high-altitude addicted fellows. So that our first post is inspired by this addiction.

Sitting down, enjoying a glass of wine before a great dinner is a common well-being target, by the way what if you can add a breathtaking view from the top of a sky scraper or a mountain? That’s pure magic.

Let’s start from the above picture: the Top of The World Restaurant at the Stratopshere Hotel, Casino and Tower in Las Vegas. When in Vegas you have plenty of choices for dining, but actually this place is amazing for the view of the entire Strip, thanks to the position of this Resort right at the North-End of the Boulevard. Sit down around the sunset for a drink and then enjoy a great dinner. Tip: go for meat, but you’ll be surprised by the fish, well cooked and presented.

Amazing views are not esclusive for skyscrapers. We had a really IMG_4059great time at The Observatory Restaurant, in North Vancouver. From Vancouver Downtown you move to North Vancouver, proceeding to the Grouse Mountain Skyride. If you have booked a table at the restaurant the ride is free. Enjoy the landscape while rising to the top of the closest Ski Resort to Vancouver. When you arrive at the top take your time for a walk and meet the 2 Grizzlies adopted by the Park Authority. After that take a sit in the charming atmosphere, similar to a modern chalet, of the restaurant. Great food and great wines. Tip: try British Columbia wines, and the salmon. Let the personnel inspire you.

Moving from North America to Europe, a really top-class choice must be (not should, must!) the incredible Ciel de Paris, at the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. Here the view of the “Ville Lumiere” is unbelievable, and when you take a table close to the window, and suddently the Eiffel Tower comes accross, you feel like in the most romantic book ever written. Fois gras, champagne and more, and of course do not expect a cheap check. Tip: at the end of the dinner move to the loung bar, sit down and ejoy a Kir Royal looking out of the windows.

Let’s close the world tour with the Canton Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. The restaurant is located at the 55th floor of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel, in the financial district. The atmoshpere is stylish, the food, the real chinese food, is surprisingly tasty, and you’ll find immediately the difference compared to “our” western chinese restaurants. The view… Well, you are so high while dining that you’ll lose your breath several times while chewing. Tip: after dinner take the lift to the Cloud 9 lunge bar at the 87th floor to feel even higher.


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